About PRP Learning Center Of BaltimoreAbout PRP Learning Center Of Baltimore

    Our mission is to provide comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery services through “counseling, education and training”.

    We provide psychiatric rehabilitation services for individuals who live in Baltimore City and Baltimore County areas.

    Our Learning Center is a classroom-based facility that focuses on building basic reading and math literacy skills. Additionally, we are equipped with a computer lab for our participant’s training needs and leisure time use.

    Our Staff

    Our staff is patient, sensitive and respectful of our participant’s social, educational, economic and cultural background diversity. Our primary efforts are guided by the consumer’s psycho-social demonstrated needs. Through the promotion of overall consumer health and wellness, staff advocate on behalf of our participants by collaborating with social service agencies, out-patient treatment facilities, hospitals and the like to ensure that our participants are connected with the appropriate ancillary services they require and need. Our staff’s professional knowledge, skills and experience is in alignment with “best practices” in psychiatric rehabilitation service delivery models used today.