Most Commonly Asked Questions

    What does PRP mean?
    Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
    Is psychiatric rehabilitation service the same as out-patient treatment service?
    No, out-patient treatment involves weekly therapy sessions with your therapist and a monthly session with your psychiatrist who manages your medications. Whereas, psychiatric rehabilitation involves meeting with a rehabilitation counselor 1-2 times per week to assist you with achieving personal goals; helping you apply/obtain housing or emergency shelter; assisting you with scheduling and keeping appointments with your doctor, and; assisting you will applying for entitlements/benefits (i.e. SSI, food stamps or medical insurance) you may qualify for and need.
    What is psychiatric rehabilitation counseling?
    Psychiatric rehabilitation counseling is helping participants recognize or gain insight into how real life situations affect individuals living with mental illness so that you can learn new ways to cope under normally difficult situations.
    What is psychiatric rehabilitation education?
    Psychiatric rehabilitation education involves educating individuals about the effects their disease and teaching you how to express your needs and concerns appropriately. This also includes educating individuals about the importance of taking their medications, the harmful effects of using alcohol or drugs while taking medications and the importance of keeping appointments with their psychiatrist and therapist.
    What is psychiatric rehabilitation training?
    Psychiatric rehabilitation training involves providing individuals a wide-range of training activities of their choice and need. Our goal is to help our participants improve their ability to function independently in their community and improve their overall quality of life.